Thursday, September 17, 2009

While We're On the Topic of the Spokane Police

More Spokane police officers could face criminal charges over the city’s handling of the fatal confrontation with unarmed janitor Otto Zehm, with newly filed court documents indicating a federal probe is continuing into potential obstructions of justice.

The new documents filed by Assistant U.S. Attorney Tim Durkin contain new details about the confrontation that suggest police and city officials have misled the public and others about what happened the night of March 18, 2006, when Zehm was beaten with a police baton, shocked with a Taser, and hogtied by a half-dozen officers before lapsing into a coma and dying two days later.
Full Story here.
The Center for Justice is representing Otto Zehm's mother and the estate of Otto Zehm in a civil trial and has full coverage on the new information released by United States Attorney's Office that suggests that city officials were involved behind the scenes to clear the Spokane police officers involved in the death of Otto Zehm three and a half years ago. Check out some other Center For Justice projects here including upcoming events like the Dirty Martinis for a Clean River Benefit.


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