Thursday, February 18, 2010

Greyhound Bus Lines Subpoena Compliance

Greyhound Bus Lines
Mark Southerst
15110 Dallas Pkwy
Dallas, Texas 75266

PH: 214.849.8000

The Greyhound Law Department which handles subpoenas is now run out of a company called FirstGroup in Cincinnati. FirstGroup also handles Greyhound media relations. Here's the latest info on how to serve Greyhound.

Josh Welker (513)419-3386 is the person who runs the database searches. He can provide passenger itineraries, copies of tickets, and payment information. For recent years, he can provide all three. For older dates, he may only be able to provide passenger itineraries. Fax subpoenas to him at 513-684-1698 or 513-362-4537.

Mike Petrucci is an attorney at Firstgroup in the Law department. Petrucci can be reached direct at 513-684-8740. His email is Petrucci’s fax is also 513-684-1698.


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