Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Google Legal Compliance

Google Inc.

Phone Number: 650-253-3425
Fax Number: 650-249-3429
E-mail Address:

Contact Name: Google Legal Investigations Support
Online Service Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone Number: 650-253-3425
Fax Number: 650-649-2939
E-mail Address:
Note(s): Custodian of Records Fax: 650-249-3429

Pauline Samson, Legal Assistant
Main phone number: 605.253.0000
Ed Choi, Legal Department
Main phone number: 650-253-4673

Online Service - Google: Search, GMail, Talk, YouTube, Blogger, AdWords, AdSense, Checkout, Orkut, Picasa, Sites, Groups, Docs, Maps, Earth, Video, Android and other Google Services.

YouTube LE Contact:
For International Law Enforcement Only:

The information you have requested is collected and maintained by Google Inc., a US company. As such, we ask that your request be directed to Google Inc. and through the proper legal channel. You may direct further communications to Google Inc. at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, 94043, US, Phone: 650-253-3425, Fax: 650-469-0622, or by email at

It is Google's policy to require formal legal process in accordance with U.S. law for disclosure of information related to any of our users. That said, we also cooperate with law enforcement investigations in other countries where valid legal process for disclosure of information is provided and such disclosure can be made in compliance with U.S. laws. Towards that end, for basic subscriber information (registration page and recent IP logs) we may accept an Order or Warrant signed by a judge or magistrate in your jurisdiction, or other valid and authenticated legal process. Please forward such process addressed to Google Inc. at the address and/or facsimile number provided above for evaluation. Content requests issued from a non-US government, we understand that such requests should be made in accordance with the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) or the letters rogatory process. We are not able to provide you with the specific requirements in your jurisdiction, but encourage you to contact counsel for guidance in this process.


Tunisian said...

I send an Email to,

I'm XXX YYY, I'm from Tunisia, when I created my Mail Gmail in 2006, I was very happy, beacuse I trust in Google Prodcuts, mainly Gmail, during 4 years, I used it frequency I have in it all my contacts, all my messages , documents, photos, phone number ...

Tow days ago my gmail email was hacked but I was lucky I can access it (I changed immediately the password) , but I have not found any messages or contacts, the hacker deleted all my mails that are both personal and professional. Many peaple advised me to change to an other Mail like Yahoo or Hotmail, but I don't like to change or delete my gmail. I would like to keep it.

The dangerous thing is that the hacker created a similar E-mail : (the diffirence is the letter "l" in yyyyly) and he sent message to all my contacts.

Today I complained by sending to Google Inc. the document as required and I faxed everything to it (fax unresponsive).

Here is the message that the person who stole my mail sent to all my contacts:

The entire contents of the message:
xxxx YYYY
xxxx YYYY

13 décembre 2010 23:37
It's Urgent, Please Respond
envoyé par
signé par
13 déc. (Il y a 2 jours)
It’s me, xxxx . I really don't mean to inconvenience you right now, I made a little trip to UK and I misplaced my luggage that contains my passport and credit cards, I know this may sound odd, but it all happened very fast. I need to get a new passport and a ticket, but I'm short of funds to pay for my ticket and other miscellaneous expense. Please, can you lend me some funds to get a ticket? I'll be willing to pay back as soon as I get home.

Please respond as soon as you get this message, so I can forward you my details to send the funds to me, OR you can drop a message via the hotel's desk phone if you can. The numbers are, +447045733705.

I await your response
xxxx YYYYY
In addition, is there any mean to recover my contacts from this hacker Email.
Looking forward to recieving a prompt reply and a good help.


Anonymous said...

The Anonymous network hackers from Spain are manipulating Google search results about people who they want to damage and defame. At the same time, Anonymous from Spain manipulate Google search results about themselves to promote their illegal activities. They create a false image about the people by mean of Google search results. They are making bulling in the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

gautam said...

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