Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Verizon Wireless Legal Compliance

Verizon Wireless Legal Compliance
Online Service: CellCo Partnership d/b/a/ Verizon Wireless,
Online Service Address: 180 Washington Valley Road
Bedminster, NJ 07921
Phone Number: 1-800-451-5242
Fax Number: 888-667-0028

Note(s): 1-800-451-5242 above, use opt 1 for Mailing addresses; opt 2 for subpoenas/search warrants, opt 3 for court ordered surveillance, opt 4 for court orders

Fax for Court Order & Search Warrant requests: 908-306-7491 or 908-306-7492


Anonymous said...

I have been a pay as you go customer of verizon for many many years. I asked for a copy of my cell records to prove that I had in fact called my employer (who lied and told the EDD I had not called in for two weeks). I was first told the records were deleted after 45 days (I called on the 50th day). Then after many hours of holding I was told I would need a court order to obtain TWO (2) days of records from my own phone. I now have lost my EDD appeal and any hope of receiving unemployment benefits. And, of course, there is nothing I can do but be angry about this. Thanks Verizon good looking out.

Anonymous said...

I did a transfer of responsibility for 2 lines. Was told I needed a 800.00 deposit. No problem paid it then I called when I received a 1,000.00 bill for 7 days. They could not find why I needed a to pay a deposit since I was a class C credit score which does not require a deposit. I have been trying to get the 800.00 back and I have been on the phone with them for a total of 30 hours since April of 2011. Was assured a check was mailed out on 4/27/2011...Still no check as of today 7/09/2011. I need the name of a good lawyer as this is a breach of contract and also I have requested a copy of my contract 5 times and have not received one as of this date as well. The reason is because when I was at the store doing the TOBR (Transfer of Billing Responsibility) I never signed anything. I am so tired of their lies and bull....I am not gonna pay them one dime and I am hoping they report me to the credit bureu, Terrible Customer Service and Terrible Mangement...I warn everybody, be ware of their gemicks...Oh yeah, did I mention that I had to get copies of my 800.00 check that I wrote for my deposit becasue they did not show where I had paid a deposit....GOOD BUSINESS....Something needs to be done, but what????

Anonymous said...

An employee in the rancho cordova ca call center was smoking marijuana in the bathroom at work. When I asked her to stop she offered me cocaine not to say anything. I got her name off her badge as Shana Odell. I check around and her supervisor is Elizabeth Saufoa. I find this to be against the Code of Confuct. I was very concerned. When she saw me looking at her badge she threatened to say I was doing it with her and have me fired. I am a 9 year employee and now feel it's a hostile work environment. She continues to threaten me and glare at me. I ask that I am left out of it but strongly suggest you ask her to take a hair follicle drug test. She mentioned she can get clean pee so to not bother calling the compliance line. Please take action