Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Center for Justice: We Need You More Than You Think

How you can help us build a new justice network.

There's a tantalizing piece of "good news, bad news" I have to share with you. This summer, as you know, we conducted a reader/member survey to find out how you want us to talk to you.

The good news is this: nearly all of the people who get this E-newsletter, Justice Calling , not only like it a lot but they like it beyond our wildest dreams. It's clearly the way in which most of you 
want to hear about the Center's work.

The fly in our delicious soup is this one--we're still reaching less than 400 people and that, to put it simply, is not nearly enough. As the Center tries to build and sustain its work following the worst economic recession in a generation, we need a larger number of people to know and care about what we do, and to become members and supporters.

Now here's another important fact: WE DON'T SPAM and we NEVER share our email list.

You get Justice Calling because you (or someone with whom you share your email address) went to cforjustice.org and enrolled. The main reason we don't spam is because we scrupulously obey anti-spamming 
laws passed to protect and respect people's privacy. To us, it's just part of being a good neighbor in the world of e-communications. And, yet, it also means that we need help in getting the word out, so to speak.

So, here's a modest request: while we'll always gladly accept donation checks, we can also really use a few hundred ambassadors who can help us build our readership for Justice Calling . All we ask is that you think of five or more people who live in your electronic address book, and who share your values and interests. Ask them to read and subscribe to Justice Calling with our monthly slate of in-depth articles about the Center's work on behalf of ordinary people and organizations trying to improve and protect their communities. In 
the process they'll also get to enjoy our national award-winning environmental writing and timely features about a host of other 
things that cross our paths.

You'll be doing both them and us a favor and, more importantly, contributing to the network the Center for Justice needs to remain a vital and viable force in your world.

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