Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hewlett Packard Subpoena Compliance

Hewlett Packard Security Investigations
Phone Number: (508) 467-3798 Fax Number: (508) 467-3797
E-mail Address:


Alsia timon said...

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Alex Steve said...

I continuously continue coming to your website once more simply in case you have posted new contents.

Anonymous said...

Hi called in today to get my password reset and had to deal with Mark and Jason at 18002534854 they were not very helpful and in the end hung up several times on me and told me it was impossible to get back into my email. So came to my parents house and was able to log in after trying a few of the password i thought i could be. I called back to the support number to let them know they were wrong and i was able to log in and since I have received 4 calls from blocked number threatening me and saying very concerning things from people in their office plus they have all my information and I am no worried they will try and compromise my computers as they had me install and app so they could use my computer.

I am scared that the support team will try and do something to hurt my online identity.

I have lost all faith in trusting Google as a reputable company and no longer trust your company because of this experience and how can i trust anyone if a Company as big a google does this.

Very concerned Google customer