Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Technology in the Courtroom-Spiff up those presentations

As many an investigator knows, its not always easy to being part of the entourage in the courtroom...dealing with (sometimes crazy) attorneys and their (sometimes crazy) technology needs in the courtroom can tax even the most savvy and capable investigator. When you next find yourself in a trial or other proceeding dealing with courtroom presentation, check out the Trial Presentation Blog. Among the and resources on PowerPoint especially making your PowerPoint less common, courtroom presentation tips, and litigation software options. For example, a quick read is "PowerPoint in the Courtroom" which "is an 'easy read' reference guide that all attorneys [and their entourage] relying on PowerPoint should review."
Of course, the creator of the blog, Charles Perez, is available for hire for all your consultation and presentation needs. Luckily, Mr. Perez gives those who might not be able to afford his service, e.g. public defenders and the like, tips and advice on how to be better presenters in the courtroom. A worthy addition to the blogroll.

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