Thursday, October 9, 2008

Supreme Court Gearing Up for Fall...Stay Tuned

Image courtesy of Northern Sun.
The ScotusWiki has an indexed page of the US Supreme Court arguments scheduled for argument this term. We will be watching with particular interest to some Fourth Amendment cases: Arizona v. Gant (07-542) - which will address if police can continue to use the "search incident to arrest doctrine" in car searches when the arrested subject is already detained; Herring v. United States (07-513) - which will address whether the exclusionary rule applies to information erroneously provided by law enforcement; and Pearson v. Callahan (07-751) - which will address whether the a person has "consented" to a warrantless entry by police if that person allowed an undercover informant into his/her home.
Oral argument was heard in Gant and Herring on October 6, 2008. For analysis see ScotusBlog. Stay Tuned to see how the Fourth Amendment fares.

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