Thursday, July 8, 2010

This American Life

"This American Life", hosted by Ira Glass, appears on Showtime and may be heard on NPR. The show contains a series of true stories told by those who have experienced them. The show lasts approximately one hour and usually contain a prologue and three acts. Below are a few shows concerning crime, crime scenes, crime stories, and DNA evidence, which may be of interest. They may also be found in the "This American Life" archives.

135: Allure of Crime: We think of crime as a monolithic, menacing presence...Today, we hear from three different criminals and three different crimes.

164: Crime Scenes: Every crime scene hides a story. In this week's show, we hear about crime scenes and the stories they tell.

210: Perfect Evidence: After a decade in which DNA evidence has cleared over 100 people nationwide, it's become clear that DNA evidence isn't just proving wrongdoing by criminals, it's proving wrongdoing by police and prosecutors. In this show, we look at what DNA has revealed to us.

257: What I should have said: People return to the scene of a crime where they should have spoken clearly, plainly, and review what...went wrong, and in a few cases, to fix it. Jonathan Goldstein tries to stop time.

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