Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Redefining Public Defense: How Holistic Advocacy Leads to Better Lawyers... and Better Outcomes"

Robin Steinberg, Director of The Bronx Defenders, gave a talk on April 26, 2010 about how we redefine public defense. The audio file is available for download here or you can listen without downloading here.

The focus of the talk is how public defenders traditionally focus on the fight and how we can focus on the bigger picture of how to improve our client's lives. By expanding our focus from the criminal case to the so called "collateral consequences" like immigration, student loans, housing, child welfare, mental health issues, addiction, we can do more to address the broad effects of the criminal justice system. Holistic defense centers around the client and the client's needs using an interdisciplinary approach to address the client's case as well as the client's life goals.
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EvanMisshula said...

Bronx Defenders rock! They really try to help the many poor people in NYC