Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bureau of Diplomatic Security - Diplomatic Security Service

As the Department of State's security and law enforcement arm, the Bureau of Diplomatic Security plays an essential yet behind-the-scenes role: To provide a safe and secure environment for the conduct of U.S. foreign policy. Not only is Diplomatic Security a unique organization in the foreign affairs community--it is the only law enforcement agency with representation in nearly every country in the world.

Diplomatic Security has offices throughout the United States staffed with special agents and contract investigators. These agents form the backbone of DS's investigative mission, conducting criminal, counterterrorism, and background investigations. Agents assigned to field and resident offices assist in providing support to the protection of the Secretary of State, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and visiting foreign dignitaries. In addition, they are charged with security support for resident foreign diplomats and assistance to the private sector through the Overseas Security Advisory Council. Liaison with federal and local law enforcement, foreign mission personnel, local officials, and the private sector complements their major responsibilities.

DS Investigative Field Offices

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