Saturday, March 31, 2012

25 Top Private Investigator Trainings

PI recently published a top 25 list for private investigator trainings. As noted in the article, picking a training course for investigation is difficult as no formal training is required in order to become an investigator. Many people enter the world of criminal investigation as former law enforcement or with a degree in criminal justice. However, the world of investigation has become more complicated. Specialized training can really make the difference especially in the areas of fraud, technology, computer crimes, and complex cases. PI Now ranked 25 programs based upon the following criteria: the type of program available, college accreditation, what information is available, application requirements and license qualification. A training program available right here in Washington is ranked number one(!)...University of Washington Certificate in Private Investigation. The UW program covers such topics as private investigator licensing preparation, criminal and civil investigations, crime scene investigation, discovery analysis, report writing, and courtroom testimony. If you are considering a career as a criminal investigator, this list is a good place to start!


andrei said...

I really have great respect for Private Investigators! Their knowledge and skill in solving problems are awesome! Words are not enough to explain their ingenuity! That is why they should spend more of their time in solving problems rather than doing reports. Good thing there are software reporting tool out there that offers the chance to take the pain out of dealing with video, images and text writing in making your reports.

Privatdetektiv said...

Private Investigator is always working of the crime cases. Private Investigators are private client helping in the free time. This information is very good explain about the Private Investigators.


ccpi2012web said...

Awesome post!