Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tales of a Public Defender Investigator - Myopic Vision

From our friends over at Tales of a Public Defender Investigator:

This is shot of the World Trade Center as it appeared when it was under construction on July 16, 1973.The original image is on a Kodachrome slide and was taken with a Honywell Pentax 35 mm camera with a shutter speed of 1/256 of a second and an apperture of f5.6

Is this useful data? Yes. Is this an accurate depiction of the Twin Towers as they appeared on the date indicated above? Again, Yes. Is it relevant to this blog? Probably not; but its not hurting anything to post it here in this column and it may prove useful someday.

Unfortunately, this is often the prevailing logic when preparing a client's defense includes crime scene or evidence photography. Sure, it may be nice to have a set of good quality, well documented photos in the file but its much better to go out in the field to create a series of images that either help prove a client's case or dispute some portion of the State's case. Sometimes the person ordering the photos loses "focus" and forgets to explain the purpose of these visual aids; much to the frustration of the itinerant photographer. A brief conference should resolve questions and solidify the puropse of a request of this nature.

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