Thursday, January 13, 2011

Washington Death Penalty Assistance Center

Washington Death Penalty Assistance Center exists primarily to support attorneys defending capital cases in Washington. The Center does not represent individual clients. The Center has a substantial volume of information on the practicalities of capital defense, briefing on legal issues, mitigation investigation, expert consultants and witnesses, and will try to help with the myriad of legal, ethical, and strategic challenges that may arrise for counsel�in the course of defending a capital case.

In addition to Center Director, Katie Ross, who has spent a large part of her thirty years of practice representing clients in death penalty cases, the Center is able to put counsel in touch with other colleagues who have experience in all phases of capital lititgation for informal discussions and the airing of ideas.

Attorneys involved in defending capital cases are encouraged to contact WDPAC by calling or e-mailing Katie Ross, Director, (206) 447-3900, ext. 774, e-mail: WDPAC@AOL.COM.

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