Saturday, December 4, 2010

Law and Technology Workshop Series: Electronic Courtroom Presentation


The Law and Technology Electronic Courtroom Presentation Workshop focuses on the use of modern technology to improve the persuasiveness of courtroom presentations. This workshop is an intensive program where participants will learn to use TrialDirector and PowerPoint products to sharpen their courtroom skills. Attendees will enhance their direct-examination, cross-examination, and opening/closing argument abilities with detailed application and use of these litigation tools. Today, many federal courtrooms are "wired" to accommodate the latest computer programs, and this technology has proven to be an effective and persuasive addition to lawyers' arsenals. Participation in the Law and Technology Workshop is particularly valuable for federal criminal defense attorneys.

General presentations and demonstrations are supplemented by concentrated small group workshops. In the smaller breakout groups, attendees receive hands-on guidance to apply the information presented in the plenary sessions using facts from a mock case file. Each participant will practice direct and cross-examination, and opening/closing arguments, using Trial Director and PowerPoint software.

In order to take full advantage of the hands-on learning opportunities provided at this program, we strongly recommend that you bring a Windows laptop (not a Macintosh). NOTE: If you solely use a Macintosh, you must have a "virtual Windows" program installed and ready for use (virtual Windows programs can run a copy of MS Windows on a Macintosh).

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