Sunday, June 20, 2010

Great New Resource from Arrest to Reintigration

The Bronx Defenders, an organization that exemplifies all that is good and right in public defense, drew our attention to a wonderful resource: Reentry.Net. The Bronx Defenders is one of the sponsors of, the first ever clearinghouse of materials for attorneys, social service providers, and policy reform advocates on reentry and the consequences of criminal proceedings. The National Library contains various research, national policy, and program information., the New York-specific Resource Center, contains hundreds of resources including training materials, sample letters, and case decisions in addition to a calendar of relevant events. There are over 2000 members comprised of criminal defense and civil legal aid attorneys, service providers and advocates who have found it to be an extremely valuable resource in their efforts to aid clients with reentry concerns. The NY component is more filled out, and both are valuable information resources. As information grows, it becomes more important to get these resources organized so they are more user friendly. connects the various pieces into a more complete map for client reentry resources. It is added as a permalink here.

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