Saturday, April 10, 2010

Documenting Bloodstain Patterns Through Roadmapping

There's a good article on the "Roadmapping" technique for documenting bloodstain patterns available from Forensic Magazine.

"The road mapping technique was developed by Toby L.Wolson of the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Crime Laboratory and it allows for complete photo documentation of bloodstain patterns.4 The procedure involves using overall, medium, and close-up photographs combined with labels and scales. Separate pattern groups are identified and labeled and then important stains within that group are further identified and labeled accordingly. The labels and scales serve as “road signs” in the photographs and ensure that viewers are never “lost.” Most importantly, using this technique will allow others to properly analyze the patterns from the photographs without ever being present at the scene."

Even if you don't have training in bloodstain pattern analysis, you should be able to document the stains so that someone can analyze them later. The article spells out the equipment and process, and includes some example photos.

Article can be found here at Forensic

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