Friday, January 22, 2010

How to Get a Coworker to Respect Your Personal Space

(1) Keep in mind that some people find touching to be a valid form of expression, a means of connection. It is probably how they talk to their friends and family. If it's not inappropriate (a tap on the shoulder, a pat on the back) and if it's not bothering you, you may choose to do nothing.

(2) Back away. Scoot over, back up, or stand aside. Body language may or may not work, but if the coworker takes the hint it's a quick, easy way to communicate your displeasure.

(3) Ask the person who is touching you to stop. Explain that you are uncomfortable with being touched. You shouldn't make a scene at your workplace, but do be clear and firm. It may take a while for them to break the habit. Continue to remind them if they continue to do it. To say "No" is absolutely acceptable and appropriate.

(4) Document the 'no touching' conversation and any following touching. After several incidents, bring it up to your manager or speak to the Area Program Manager. Bring your documentation, and let them deal with the person.

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