Sunday, August 9, 2009

National Legal Aid & Defender Association Library

On top of being a great resource for both civil legal aid and indigent defense with a wide membership base, the NLADA has a very developed forensic library with documents on such topics as accident reconstruction, DNA, blood spatter, controlled substances, and false confessions. In addition to that library, the NLADA has a very complete e-library with documents, briefs, articles, and studies on such diverse topics as the death penalty, management, and the aforementioned forensic library. They also accept document submissions.
The is designed to serve as a versatile, Web-based information clearinghouse for civil and defender members of the equal justice community. The E-Library was launched in September 2001, and is being built by your submissions everyday. We hope that it will soon contain documents relating to the work of civil and defender advocates, including a lot of information about organizational, management and delivery issues, as well as substantive law, and a wide variety of other useful areas such as technology, training and conferences, government relations, communications, etc. It is a new and powerful tool for the equal justice community.

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