Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Permission Wall Graffiti: Embracing Graffiti As Art

Murals of Belfast
Great Post from Grits for Breakfast about having graffiti in public spaces. An excerpt:
By having "permission walls", the artists are able to develop their craft without time and/or legal constraints, allowing for more complete, intricate pieces of public art. In Orlando, the trend of giving street artists “permission walls,” or walls where they have permission to paint their work, has tamed some of the sabotage. By allowing graffiti artists to work with permission, they are free to develop their craft without fear of getting caught before completion, and the artwork becomes a colorful, mural-sized effort to which the artists can point with pride. These permission walls encourage friendly competition between teams, or crews, and there is a sense of pride among them for having created something with great exposure.

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