Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hawaii County Police Records

To obtain police records from the Hawaii County Police Department contact:
East Hawaii: 808.961.2233
West Hawaii:  808.326.4646, #256


Anonymous said...

Hawaii County Police and COURTs do EVERYTHING they can from preventing youto obtain records, even when YOU ARE THE VICTIM!!!

Many times records are MISSING and REPORTS NEVER EVEN TAKEN on CRIMES!!!

I and others have witnessed this FIRST HAND!!!

UNTIL COUNTYWIDE CORRUPTION STOPS, and criminals are dealt with leniently, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!!!!

Anonymous said...

oops...and "criminals are dealt with, ABSENTOF LENIENT JUDGES"... JUDGES like Florendo WHO PERPETUATED MORE CRIMES and letting criminals off EASY, CRIME WILL CONTINUE TO FLOURISH in HAWAII COUNTY!!!!

Anonymous said...

EVIDENCE has gone "MISSING too!!!!