Thursday, September 25, 2008

Five Borough Defense-PD Blogging with Vision

Check out Five Borough Defense for the latest in the New York Public Defender community. Not just for New Yorkers and New York-a-philes, the site has some decidedly cool features and links listed including my personal favorite so far, Rate My Cop, which is an online forum for people to voice both praise and criticism of police officers. The site has listings for officers in police departments across the country and you can search by name, department, or state. Along a similar line is Bad Cops Police Oversight Portal which addresses police misconduct in a variety of tools including a law library, community action manuals for fighting police abuses, and suggested resources for building better communities that include police oversight. The Five Borough Defense states this in their about section:
Five Borough Defense is a meeting place for public defenders in New York City, and for anyone interested in public defense in New York City. “In New York City” and “public defense” are intended to be interpreted broadly.Happier people in engaged communities is the goal. Those ends cannot be met by even inconceivably ambitious new approaches to courtroom advocacy alone. So the topics on the site stray through trends in various outlets for social engineering.

It couldn't be said better. Our investigator community is an integral part of an engaged defense community wherever you may find yourself and social engineering fits right into our job description.

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